Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pretty Little Songbird

 I heard the sweetest little song and stepped outside to see this little guy hanging out in the Desert Museum.  He was singing away so sweetly.  I have no idea what type of bird it is but I thought I'd post it and see if anyone could identify him.  
 Here is a shot of his back side if that helps.  I realize these aren't the best photos.....
 Two side views where you can see his red front/breast. (above photo and below).

He flew away after a customer walked near the tree and stopped over on the fence line and I got a few shots of him there as well. 
 Below he's like puffed up.  He was so cute!!!
Anyone know what kind of bird it is?
I hope he comes back tomorrow so I can get better shots, but wanted to post in case anyone knew what it was!!!
Thank you Shirley at Rock Oak Deer for identifying it- it is a House Finch!!!!
And thank you to Steph at Rambling Wren as well for helping me to know what kind of bird it is!!!  Learn something new every day!  


  1. It's a House Finch and they are sweet aren't they!


    1. Yea!!!! Thank you - they are- such happy little birds!! Glad to know what they are- I knew someone would know!

  2. I have several bird feeders in the backyard that the red house finches visit. I love to listen to them singing.

    1. It was the sweetest little song. I am so happy I know what it is!!!! Thanks!!!!