Sunday, December 2, 2012

Walkin' Round Today

What a weird day.  82 degrees.  December 2.  Only in Texas.
I grabbed the camera and walked around the nursery and captured a few photos of things I thought looked pretty today.  Hope you enjoy.
 The Purple Fountain Grass
 Miscanthus, 'Cabaret'
Miscanthus 'Zebra Grass'
 Panicum 'Dallas Blues'
Pink Fountain  Grass
The Butterflies are still going wild over the Butterfly Weed.
 The Bower Vines are still blooming away.
 The Kalanchoe by the gate still has not opened up any more.... still waiting on this one.
 The Black Snapdragons still look as cool as ever. 
 The white Abutilons are blooming - such a pretty subtle flower I think.
The Purple Oxalis are blooming like mad- really like this little guy.
And Finally I will end up with our latest little art project.  
It is a tree that we painted- not sure where we are going to put it or how I am going to display it.  My original thought was cover it in white lights but we aren't open at night, so no one would see that....  It looks neat just like it is though.  I might just pot it up and leave it like that.  Had so many people try and buy it- it's my little creation.  Not for sale, sorry.  Hope everyone is enjoying their December - yes December.  Can you stand it?
Where does the time go???


  1. Yes, the weather is just odd...would like a bit of cold to help bring on the Christmas cheer. It's nice though to be able to walk around the garden and see all the nice flowers still blooming. And the pollinators; they're everywhere!

  2. Black snapdragons? Must look that one up. I would love a perennial snapdragon. Fun thing to do with you tree. Why not sell it?

  3. Your tree project is very creative! Those black snapdragons are so dramatic. Love the sweet blooms on the Abutilon and Purple Oxalis.

    I just planted some purple oxalis a month ago. I had a nursery give me 16 plants. Said they were going to throw them away and were tired of watering them. I just hope mine make it through the winter.

  4. Last weekend I couldn't decide if I wanted to put up Christmas lights or go for a swim. It was sure warm, but that's perfect weather for gardening and enjoying those beautiful fall grasses. Cool art project.

  5. Love your art project! Is that a dead tree or one that is deciduous? If it's alive,does the paint bother it? I'm thinking that a weeping red tree sprouting green spring leaves will look very interesting!

    As to your question about where time goes, scientists have found that tiny time fairies sneak in during the night and steal time from the continuum. As the trend for fairy gardening has spread, so have these insipid little time thieves. If you suspect that this might be happening, keep a nice big spray bottle of diazanon at the ready at all times. As a precautionary measure, all fairy gardens should be sprayed regularly with malathion, DDT, agent orange, or napalm on a regular basis.

  6. Here there is a snow storm blowing through town, so it is nice to see a little color! The bright red of your art project immediately draws the eye. I think it is funny that you do something a bit outrageous and everyone wants to buy it! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and any problems that you face will sort themselves out for the better in the new year!