Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Bud!

Pomegranate 'Wonderful'

Big Tooth Maple

Things are getting ready to pop! I can't wait! It is incredible to watch things change so rapidly. I can't wait to see them take off. We have a few new things that I haven't seen in full swing yet that I am anxious to see how they look when they are full of leaves and/or flowers. It is so fun to watch the what for weeks has just looked like sticks change and grow. I snapped a few shots of the buds getting ready to show their true selves. There are a few that are really changing but I haven't quite gotten the right angle on the camera, maybe tomorrow. I attached the Big Tooth Maple and the Pomegranate 'Wonderful'. Still trying to capture the Wisteria, Philadelphus and fruit trees- all are full of buds but for whatever reason the shots are not coming out very good- operator error I am certain. I will try again tomorrow. Enjoy for now.

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