Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pair of Monarchs

There was a pair of Monarchs yesterday that were hanging around the nursery all day yesterday. I tried to get photos of the two of them together but they were not posing at the same time. I got about 60 shots of them individually though that were good I thought. They were all over the Butterfly Weed / Milk Weed. They would go over to the Lavender for a second or the Salvia but obviously were having a better time with the Butterfly Weed. I took some pics and selected my three favorites to post. I am going out today to take pictures of the plants- everything is in full color with the cooler weather- It is absolutely beautiful out there. I love this time of year. We had a guy come in today asking about the Little Ollies- said he could see the shimmering silver from across the street. They look stunning. Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!

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